The following posts were selected primarily to support the following syllogism:

Objective evidence is the only unbiased information we have.
Science only uses verifiable objective information in its methods.
Science is the best method to use in searching for the truth of a claim.

If you disagree with the above, or with anything below in support of such, please rebut the following before you challenge the particulars stated in the posts below:

This syllogism is sound and valid. It trumps any and all subjective evidence, including personal experience and hearsay (whether verbal or written).

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Are you self-aware of how you understand reality?

Why Are People Anti-Science And What Can Be Done To Change Them?

Science and Knowledge

Science Enlightens The Darkness

Admitting You Are Wrong Is Healthy

The Essence of Science in 5 minutes

Science: Levels Of Confidence 

Motivated Reasoning

Critical Thinking/Skepticism: Brief But Important Points

Critical Thinking 101

Magical Vs Scientific Thinking (Summary)

Only Science Improves Science

Naturalism, Supernaturalism, and Presuppositions

A Look At False Beliefs

How To Get Magical Thinkers To Stop And Think?

Can You Justify Your Beliefs?

Science is NOT like Faith

Do we Need Metaphysics Anymore?

Black Cat Analogy

Supernaturalism Has Nothing To Stand On

The Virtues of Science-Based Thinking

100 Best Web Sites for Science Teachers

How to Marginalize False Beliefs

The Dragon in my Garage

The Differences in Thinking Between Conservatives and Progressives

Memo to USA: Ignore Science At Your Peril

The USA is in an Epistemological Crisis

Another Serious Pandemic: Magical Thinking

Magical Thinking Incompatible with Science-Based Thinking

Science and Philosophy

Does Science Justify Itself?

Math and Logic are Formal Sciences

Philosophical Argument 

Proper Basic Belief

Science vs. Pseudoscience

Methodological Naturalism

Understanding Extraordinary Claims

The Evil Began Long Ago

Why Is There Still Religion And Medical Quackery?


Secular Morality Wins

Articles Defending Secular Morality

Western Civilization and Values

The Moral Character of the Christian God

Alternatives to Medicine

Fallacies of Esoteric (Alternative) Medicine


The Republicans are on the wrong side of everything

The Truth about Red and Blue USA

What has the USA lost and how?

I Have A Dream


Syncretism: The History Of Christianity

History, Authority, Expert, and Growing Up

Let's Compare The Major Religions

Theology: How It's Related To Other Disciplines

A Concise Rebuttal Of Jesus' Resurrection

Christians: A Warning

Two Lessons For Christian Apologists

The Elephant in the Room

How to Teach Your Children about God

Religion is Failed Science

God Of The Gaps Explained

God Is Incoherent Regarding Time

A Clear & Succinct Debunking of Christianity

Supremacy of Conscience

Christianity: One of Many at its Beginning

Levels of Certainty and Christianity

All Claims By Christian Apologists Have Been Falsified Or Are Unfalsifiable

Apologetics: A Dead End

The Parable of the Pawn Shop

A Major Blind Spot for Christian Apologists

Skeptical Theism: The Bogus Response To The Problem Of Evil

Religious Intuition: It's Natural

Is The Bible Non-Fiction Or Fantasy Fiction?

The Bible Stories Are All They Have

The Bible And The Telephone Game

Oh, Cry Me A River, Christians. SMH

Christianity Exposed

Christianity: No Resurrection Required

A Subjective Experiment For The Effectiveness Of Prayer

Religious Apologists: Put Up or Shut Up

What Kind of Society do YOU want to Live in?


Arguments from Faith - Debunked

Separation of Church & State: The Truth

Why a Christian God Would Be Extraordinary

Logical Arguments For Christianity Falsified

"The Soul" Falsified

What Was Jesus' View of the Old Testament?

Naturalism Vs Theism

The Evil Jesus

The Harm From All Forms Of Religion, Including Liberal

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Choose how you look at reality wisely. Yes, it is a binary choice.

Choose how you look at reality wisely. Yes, it is a binary choice.
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