SCIENCE is from the Latin for 'knowledge', which philosophically means 'true, justified belief'.

informs wisdom, reason and humanism.

This creates a 4-legged worldview within reality that maximizes well-being for individuals and society.

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I was born in Boston, MA in 1945 and moved to Lexington, MA as a 9 year-old. I am married to Tricia Rafferty and we have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. I am a US Army veteran and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. I am a retired rehabilitation director and physical therapist. I presently live in Charlotte, NC and volunteer helping the homeless, as well as engage with volunteer activities with my local library. I may be found on Facebook under "thom.raff". In case of emergency, I am allergic to alternatives to medicine.  Contact me at

Tom Rafferty

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"Making Stuff Up Is Unwise", The Book

This book is written for the educated individual who is open to objectively examining his or her worldview and the methods used in forming such. It is particularly appropriate for individuals who are religious and/or who are into any form of pseudoscience but are beginning to question their beliefs. The premise that the use of reason, skepticism and science is the best route to the understanding of reality and leads to maximizing well-being for individuals and society at large is well supported. Unlike most books of this nature, it takes a wide and consistent perspective. Religion, alternative medicine, politics, evolution, climate change, conspiracy theories, paranormal activity, education, finance, communication and miscellaneous pseudosciences are addressed. There are so many topics covered, with citations, that it may be considered a beginning reference resource for topics discussed.

"Making Stuff Up Is Unwise", By Tom Rafferty

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(From Making Stuff Up Is Unwise)

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