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Sunday, November 13, 2016

We Are Talking To Ourselves As The World Collapses

I have been a very active and vocal promoter of science-based thinking.  Why?  This is why. What has it led to?  In truth, not much.  Want evidence?  The recent decades of increasing anti-science ideology and dogma culminating in the 2016 US Presidential election results will do.   (NOTE:  this is in addition to Trump's lying and character issues)

Please let me digress a bit before launching into the main reason for this post.  Science literally means "knowledge."  The opposite of knowledge is ignorance, which ruled the planet until the beginning of the "Enlightenment" and the scientific revolution.  Would anyone really want to live in the ignorance prior to this change?  Then why let it creep back into society?   Steven Pinker talks about the positive effects of enlightened and scientific thinking.  Sam Harris challenges the claim that science is morally neutral.  Following are points from Sam's ideas that everyone who thinks science only deals with "is" and not "should" needs to be aware of (Credit: Harriet Hall, the author of the article):

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