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informs wisdom, reason and humanism.

This creates a 4-legged worldview within reality that maximizes well-being for individuals and society.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Are You A "Shruggie?"

"This is an attitude that is at the very heart of how many misunderstand what Science-Based Medicine is. It is also a pernicious attitude that leads so many physicians to become and remain what Val Jones once so famously called them, “shruggies.” They know that modalities like reiki and the rest of “energy medicine,” homeopathy, acupuncture and the vast majority of traditional Chinese medicine, and much of what is being “integrated” into medicine under the rubric of “integrative medicine” range from being at best scientifically unsupported and at worst pseudoscientific or mystical nonsense, but they do nothing. They do not object. They do not complain. They shrug their shoulders."

You are part of the problem if you are not actively against ALL forms of faith-based thinking.

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