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Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Look At The Question Of Media Bias

Yes, yes and yes:  the US media IS biased toward liberalism.  Now, what does that mean and why?  First of all, lets look at the two major US political parties:  one (the Republican Party) is clearly more anti-science than the other.   Reality is clearly best evaluated by scienceReality DOES have a liberal bias.  Case made.  Any challengers?

To better understand what the Republicans/conservatives/Trumpsters are doing regarding their cries of "media bias",  these links present some recent results from the logical fallacy called "False Equivalency:"

 How False Equivalence Is Distorting the 2016 Election Coverage

Today's Hero of the False-Equivalence Struggles: On the Media

Top Beltway reporters promulgate absurd false equivalence on Clinton, Trump

The False Equivalence of Clinton and Trump’s Negatives


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