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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Another Reason Not To Eat Organic Food

"Despite the mountain of evidence showing that organic food is basically a gigantic consumer fraud, what explains its increasing popularity? From a farmer’s perspective, he or she can sell the same crop for a higher price. And from the consumer’s perspective, the most likely explanation is the placebo effect."

Organic Farms Yield 20% Fewer Crops than Conventional Farms


  1. I was rather skeptical of organic food until I discovered organic milk. Now it is the only type I will buy. It lasts more than 4 times longer than regular milk before spoiling, and since I use so little of it, this means that I don't end up having to throw it out because it went bad.

  2. That's an interesting anecdote, Jack. Thanks for the comment. I wonder if there are any studies to confirm this.

  3. I found the explanation:

    1. Cool! I always wondered why it lasted so much longer.

  4. Fortunately, I don't pay anything close to double for the organic milk I buy. In fact, it is only a little bit more expensive than the regular stuff. More than worth it since I never end up pouring it out because it went bad. I'll have to look for the non-organic kind they mention in the article.


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