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Friday, September 30, 2016

A Good Example Of How To Act During Heated Disagreement

"I can tell you that Smith didn’t pitch this story to me. He worried it might get in the way of the dialogue he wanted to start.

"But no matter what you think, you should also see this: That moment you most want to retreat to safety might be the moment you most need to reach out.

"Because without that, no one will reach back.

"That’s what’s happened to Kenny Smith this week. He’s heard from five people he handed his card to in Monday’s crowd. He’s set up lunch so far with one of them, Adrian Millner, who told me Thursday that he watched Smith 'take a beating' Monday night. Millner, who works in accounting in Charlotte, liked the councilman’s response.

"There’s no set agenda for their lunch. Police shootings will surely come up, and probably more. Maybe those talks lead to more talks. Maybe they get someplace concrete.

"But that’s not why Millner called."

Read more here:
A white councilman, black protesters, and a moment that Charlotte needed

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