SCIENCE is from the Latin for 'knowledge', which philosophically means 'true, justified belief'.

informs wisdom, reason and humanism.

This creates a 4-legged worldview within reality that maximizes well-being for individuals and society.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Action Is Greater Than Words

"Well done is better than well said" ~Benjamin Franklin, founder of my Alma Mater in 1740. Talk is cheap. Action is required to achieve what needs to happen to make a difference in society. Ben had it correct. Vote (but intelligently after educating yourself), work toward a better society, volunteer and give to help those less fortunate, support your loved ones.

Ya, I know, the above does sound preachy.  But, it does show that one does not have to be religious to make good moral points. Franklin's religious beliefs were complicated but had deistic qualities.  Prior to Darwin, it was reasonable to belief in an interventionist god.  However, after such, - - -

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