SCIENCE is from the Latin for 'knowledge', which philosophically means 'true, justified belief'.

informs wisdom, reason and humanism.

This creates a 4-legged worldview within reality that maximizes well-being for individuals and society.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

What Is Humanism?

"The word "humanism" has a number of meanings. And because authors and speakers often don't clarify which meaning they intend, those trying to explain humanism can easily become a source of confusion. Fortunately, each meaning of the word constitutes a different type of humanism—the different types being easily separated and defined by the use of appropriate adjectives. So it is relatively easy to summarize the varieties of humanism in this way."

The many types of Humanism:  Here and Here

The above image is my attempt to crystallize the meaning of humanism.  I assert that humanism is the philosophy/lifestance most consistent with the findings of science.  Oh, if you think that humanism is a 4-letter word, check this out.

If you have heard the statement that "Humanism has borrowed from Christianity its ethics.", here is the truth:  Christianity actually borrowed ethics from those around them and earlier humans who got their ethics from evolution and socialization.  Superstition and religions have added nothing of their own to ethics. Since all religions lack supporting evidence that they are revelations from a god, they most likely are man-made in an effort to make sense of the world as it is and/or to have control of people.

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