Monday, July 15, 2019

An In-depth Look At Bodily Autonomy

  • The concept of autonomy goes back to the Greek philosophers. With the European Enlightenment, autonomy comes to be widely understood as a property of persons.
  • Most people would agree that autonomy is normatively important.
  • An autonomous person has a right to determine their life without interference from social or political authorities or forms of paternalism.
  • Autonomy is an important value to be taken into consideration in the abortion debate, although it is referenced in different ways. On the one hand, it is argued that some abortions are justified as an expression of a woman’s reproductive autonomy (see Overall 1990 and Fischer 2003). On the other hand, it could be argued that abortion is morally unacceptable, among other reasons, because it fails to respect the potential future autonomy of the aborted (for a related argument, see Marquis 1989).  Assuming that both of these autonomy-based arguments have weight, adjudicating this dispute requires–among other things–establishing and defending the relative weights of actual and potential autonomy, both in relation to particular choices and in relation to lives as wholes. (link)
Following are a few more links to articles and videos that clarify the controversial principle of "Bodily Autonomy":

A Defense of Abortion: The Violinist Analogy

Abortion Essay - The Bodily Autonomy Argument

My Body, My Choice: Why the Principle of Bodily Autonomy can Unite the Left

Woman, Womb, and Bodily Integrity

YouTube Link

YouTube Link

Why have we so enshrined our right to control our own bodies … unless you happen to be a woman?

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This link is for any so-called "Pro-lifer" who thinks the God of the Bible shares his or her opinion on abortion and the value of life in general.

This link presents the reality that "Privacy" is not the only support for abortion constitutionally.

Bodily autonomy for a woman who is pregnant is a legitimate point of discussion. However, I support this right to the point that if my mother, for ANY reason, thought that it would have been better for her to abort me, fine.

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Choose how you look at reality wisely. Yes, it is a binary choice.

Choose how you look at reality wisely. Yes, it is a binary choice.
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