Saturday, December 3, 2022

A Complete View Of Electric Vehicles (EV)?

"Electric cars (or electric vehicles, EVs) have a smaller environmental footprint than conventional internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs). * While aspects of their production can induce similar, less or alternative environmental impacts, they produce little or no tailpipe emissions, and reduce dependence on petroleum, greenhouse gas emissions, and health effects from air pollution.[2][3][4][5] Electric motors are significantly more efficient than internal combustion engines and thus, even accounting for typical power plant efficiencies and distribution losses,[6] less energy is required to operate an EV. * Manufacturing batteries for electric cars require additional resources and energy, so they may have a larger environmental footprint from the production phase.[7][8] EVs also generate different impacts in their operation and maintenance. EVs are typically heavier and could produce more tire, brake, and road dust air pollution, but their regenerative braking could reduce such particulate pollution from brakes.[9] EVs are mechanically simpler, which reduces the use and disposal of engine oil." (

* The Environmental Downside of Electric Vehicles: Unfortunately, this tends to be overlooked regarding their environmental impact and costs. 
  • NOTE: This article is written by a member of FEE (the Foundation for Economic Education), which is " Right-Center biased based on left-leaning views regarding social issues and far-right views on economics. We also rate them as Mostly Factual in reporting rather than high due to not fully supporting the scientific consensus regarding climate change." (link
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Regarding the tools and materials used in the battle against climate change, there are many factors involved, with some of their effects known and others unknown. Thus, progressives don't necessarily have all of the answers on climate change mitigation.

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Choose how you look at reality wisely. Yes, it is a binary choice.

Choose how you look at reality wisely. Yes, it is a binary choice.
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