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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Religion Compatible With Science?

"What these scholars seemingly don’t understand is that while some church authorities promoted science, many others opposed the progress of science (e.g., anesthesia, vaccination, and even lightning rods!). More important, the method of ascertaining truth through science is completely inimical to the method of ascertaining religious 'truths' (i.e., stuff that is made up).  In that sense, then, the 'warfare' hypothesis remains, for when scientific truth opposes religious dogma, more often than not believers side with dogma rather than science. Keathley, after all, is an old-earth creationist who rejects evolution. Isn’t that a prime EXAMPLE of the warfare between his Baptist superstitions and the findings of science?"

Science has never been and never will be compatible with religion or any other pseudoscience.

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