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Friday, January 1, 2016

Evolution 2.0?

First there was Creationism.   That was defeated decades ago.  Then, there was Intelligent Design.  That was defeated with the Kitzmiller vs Dover trial in 2005:

Now the apologists are trying a new challenge to the consensus of the experts in evolutionary biology called Evolution 2.0:

Whether one is a theist or atheist, this podcast should be listened to by all who respect the search for truth*.  Justin Brierley is a committed Christian who has been the moderator of an excellent podcast called "Unbelievable?" for the last 10 years.  While he is a committed Christian, his fairness as a moderator during the weekly debates between theists and atheists, as well as theists of many different stripes, is a model of respect and skill.  Listen to the above recent podcast to the end, as there are the usual responses at the end by the listeners to past podcasts.  It will give one a taste of the usual content of this podcast.  I listen to it "religiously", LOL.

(* What is the truth in this debate?  The Evolution 2.0 proponent IS using the usual "god of the gaps" argument, as, even if he was qualified to speak about evolution as an expert (which he is not), his hypothesis has not been shown to support his contention.)

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