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Friday, July 15, 2016

An Objective Look At The US Presidential Choices

There is much heat during this US presidential election cycle but little light.  The purpose of this brief post is to attempt to objectively look at the two candidates.  Full disclosure:  I am voting for Hillary Clinton because the alternative is totally unacceptable to any reasonable person who is not a partisan ideologue.

If one wants the Cliff's Notes version of Hillary Clinton, here it is.  Please note the full picture regarding her extensive experience politically and socially.  Also, please note that, in spite of all the negative conservative/Republican attempts to discredit her, there have been only two serious accusations against her, Whitewater and the recent personal email situation.  In spite of lengthy legal proceedings with both of them,  no reason for legal action was found.  This link goes into some detail on why the FBI made the right choice on the email probe. Oh, want's that?  Benghazi?   Politifact has buried that attempt to smear her.

Regarding Donald Trump, this article by the conservative National Review sums up his character succinctly.  In addition, he refuses to disclose his tax returns and we know little about his charitable giving.  Finally, following are links presenting comments from present and former employees:
My thoughts on this election are fairly close to what is expressed in this article.

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