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Monday, July 11, 2016

The Problem With Ideology

We all have biases.  Some are political, others are religious in nature.  A science-based thinker/skeptic, however, should be able to look objectively at his or her opinions on any matter and say to themselves, "Is my opinion based more on facts/evidence than those who disagree with me?"

Regarding the last few weeks of violence involving police and people in poor socio-economic communities, no matter what your opinion is on this grave matter, have you really objectively looked at all of the issues, or are you a reflective supporter of the "Black Lives Matter" movement or are you totally in support of all police activities in these recent situations?

Please take a deep breath, and consider that both the police and residents in poor socio-economic communities are sustaining violence and that one "side" is NOT purely innocent. After the last few weeks, I will criticize ANYONE commenting from only one side of this social issue.  The USA is presently at a precipice of reason based on evidence verses blind ideology.

Since most of my friends are liberal and tend to side with the sentiments of groups such as Black Lives Matter on this issue, I present three counter-arguments to make my point:

If black on black crime is an erroneous meme of conservatives, why is there a heavier concentration of police patrols in the black communities?  A higher density of street crime warrants more police presence.  More police presence, more opportunity for altercations with the public.

Perhaps these two groups can show the rest of society how to come together.

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