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Monday, September 19, 2016

Surprise: SMT and Graston Technique No Better Than Placebo

'This study indicates that there is no difference in outcome at any time point for pain or disability when comparing SMT, Graston Technique® or sham therapy for thoracic spine pain, however all groups improved with time. These results constitute the first from a fully powered randomised controlled trial comparing SMT, Graston technique® and a placebo.

Spinal manipulative therapy, Graston technique® and placebo for non-specific thoracic spine pain: a randomised controlled trial


  1. If you read the study methodology, it was not Graston Technique. They just rubbed the muscles of the Tspine with an instrument

    1. I read the full study in detail. There was no mention of the exact technique. Now, I know what the techniques are, even though I never used them as a practicing physical therapist. Why wasn't I interested in "learning" the techniques? Same reason I never used reiki, therapeutic touch, acupuncture and thrust joint manipulation: they all are implausible and have not been shown to be more effective over other more science-based physical treatments.


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