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Monday, October 31, 2016

A Deeper Look Into Original Sin

I have made 3 prior posts on the dogma of Original Sin.  I have essentially falsified all Abrahamic religions by doing so.  However, in my interactions with Christians on their websites, I can't seem to break through their dogma.  In light of such, I have searched the internet for more in depth analysis of this topic.  Below is a summary of my result. If you still think that the literal interpretation of Genesis is relatively recent and only within Fundamentalist Christianity, please tell me why the Catholic Church (the MAIN Christian authority at the time) attacked Galileo for challenging Genesis' account of the relationship between the Earth and the Sun.  The writers, while using some metaphorical wording, were clearing writing history from their POV.

Note that even the pre-Abrahamic religions has stories of Original Sin and also assumed that they were literal.

This exposes the folly of religious apologists in attempting to explain away Original Sin as metaphorical.

Exposing the pretzel-twisting of Catholics (the best of Christians accepting science) on the subject, a perfect example of coming to a conclusion first, then struggling to support it.  This is not science, but apologetics.

The religious apply science and evidence when it helps their claims, but ignore it when it doesn't, such as regarding human origins and sex/gender realities.

A final piece of reality:  religious people do not act better than the non-religious.  Therefore, "Original Sin", and the need for a "Redeemer" to be "Saved", does not make sense.

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