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Thursday, October 6, 2016

NSAIDs And Cardiac Risk

"This new evidence gives more support and context to our understanding of how NSAIDs can harm. NSAIDs do raise your risk of heart failure, although some are worse than others. However, if your underlying risk of heart failure is low, then occasional NSAID use is not a concern. As your risk of heart failure increases, your risk of experiencing harm from an NSAID increases, too. So do the risks outweigh the benefits? Ultimately this comes down to your individual factors: your reasons for use, any risk factors for disease you may already have, and the expected benefits. When used on a short-term basis by those who are not at risk of heart failure, the potential harms are slight. So don’t use NSAIDs indiscriminately, but don’t panic, either."

Another way ibuprofen can kill us?

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