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Monday, October 3, 2016

The History Of Chiropractic Bogus Ads Goes Back A Ways

"Chirobase has posted the details of an advertising package marketed during the 1960s and 1970s by Share International, which, for several decades, was chiropractic's leading practice-building organization. [Barrett S. Share International's fraudulent ad system. Chirobase, Sept 25, 2016] The package, which sold for $19.95, included 107 newspaper ads that were said to have been used effectively by successful chiropractors. The overall message was that problems as diverse as diarrhea, digestive disorders, flu, gallbladder problems, glandular disorders, abnormal heart rhythms, kidney infections, paralysis, and ulcers, were caused by spinal misalignments and curable by spinal adjustments. Many of the ads contained a case history. The instructions for the system stated: "Re-type each ad on your own stationery for presentation to your editor. This would indicate that they are your own creations, and that the cases mentioned, conditions discussed, etc., are from your own files." Blatant disease-related advertising claims are considerably less common today. Share International was founded by James W. Parker, D.C., whose colorful background is also described on Chirobase.

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