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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Hypocrisy Of "Pro-Life" Proponents

The following article highlights the incongruity of those religious dogmatists who rail against abortion but are insensitive to actual persons.  The fact is that there is a direct relationship between those who call themselves "pro-life" and those who actively work against providing life-saving healthcare for the poor.

If you are reading this with criticism, please consider the following points:
  • The growing uterine life does not have all the features of a human person from the moment of conception, thus, is really a potential person throughout most of its uterine existence.
  • The pregnant women has the right of bodily autonomy.
  • There is no evidence for an un-embodied "soul", much less its presence at the moment of conception.
  • The vast majority of fertilized eggs are flushed down the toilet.  If you believe the dogma of the religious conservatives, God is the greatest abortionist.
Poor die without N.C. Medicaid expansion

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