Friday, August 21, 2020

What Kind Of Society Do YOU Want To Live In?

Religious folks who are active in apologetics and/or politics usually are motivated to promote a more religious society. The following 3 videos should dispel the falsehood that people and societies need to be religious to be good:

"Are secular countries worse off than religious ones? Is atheism the downfall of nations? Are countries cursed by god when they stray from the faith? Or do non-religious outperform religious countries on measures of wealth, well-being, and success? Today, we'll dive into the data to see if atheism is, in fact, the downfall of nations or if the blessing of God/curse of secularism is a myth."

"Are Christian countries better off than secular countries? Does God bless Christian nations and curse atheist countries? Or are the secular countries better off when we measure wealth, prosperity, happiness, and well-being?"

"Does following Islam lead to prosperity and blessing and does apostasy lead to divine curse and nation-wide ruin? Today we'll explore the data and see if Muslim countries are more successful, happy, and prosperous than secular countries to see if Allah blesses nations that follow him or if secular countries are better off."

- - - - - - -

"Time to slap down the criticisms of my research. Here's an in-depth overview of my methodology and all caveats related to my recent videos which showed that on a macro-level, secular countries rank far better on measures of wealth, prosperity, and well-being than religious countries do."

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Choose how you look at reality wisely. Yes, it is a binary choice.

Choose how you look at reality wisely. Yes, it is a binary choice.
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